Exclusive Schemes

Over recent years the number of ‘traditional’ insurer markets available has declined, largely as a result of mergers and acquisitions. The remaining insurers have as a result become more selective over those industries that they wish to offer cover to.

Our specialist commercial insurance knowledge has enabled us to develop a range of exclusive ‘in house’ schemes and insurance packages, designed specifically for those industries where cover has become more difficult to place. This in turn has led to our becoming involved with certain industry trade associations, where we’ve now become their recommended insurance broker.

When our competitors have perhaps fallen short of the mark, we have been able to step in using our own schemes, with financially stable ‘A’ rated insurers, to ensure that clients remain protected.

We pride ourselves on our ability to source cover for the unusual, hard-to place risks and are continually looking to add to our portfolio of specialist business insurance products.

Asbestos Insure
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Lorry Insure
Waste Insure
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