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At Direct Corporate Risks (DCR) we specialise in providing Commercial Insurance solutions to a diverse range of businesses across the UK; ranging from single partner consultancies, to larger transport, recycling or manufacturing companies, exporting all over the world. Whatever your business, we have the expertise to help.

We appreciate that every organisation is unique and that an ‘off the shelf’ product often isn’t appropriate. We therefore take our time to understand your business in real detail. Once we’re satisfied we have the full picture, we’ll work with you to design your insurance programme; one which is tailored specifically to suit your individual needs.

We promise that as part of this process we will match your very specific and unique requirements to the most appropriate insurers available, obtaining effective cover for you, at the most economical price we can.

Our services range from the protection of tangible assets, such as buildings, contents, machinery, plant or vehicles, to the protection of company profits in the event of an insured loss, or covering you against the range of liabilities you now face in our increasingly litigious society.

Specialising in commercial insurance we have naturally also developed a range of risk management solutions to help our clients mitigate risk for themselves. By doing so they can often achieve significant savings on their insurance programmes.

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